Loon Tee


Maine provides an ideal habitat for loons, with its abundant clear, freshwater lakes and ponds surrounded by forested landscapes. Our state's commitment to preserving these natural environments has allowed the loon population to thrive. Loons typically arrive in Maine in early spring, returning to the same lakes each year to breed and raise their chicks.

For this tee, we partnered with local artist and naturalist Michael Boardman. Michael works mostly in watercolor while in the field, painting when time permits or field sketching when it does not.

“Where the wild things are. That’s what gets my creative spark going, places that are pristine enough to support communities of life that don’t walk around on two legs. Places where you can feel humbled and unimportant. And I’m lucky enough to be able to create work in these environments.” - Michael

Limited run
Printed on classic Comfort Colors blanks
100% Ring Spun US Cotton